freight transport

Transport role of Duc Phat Transport

Duc Phat Transport contributes directly to the production process: Any industry or production process of society also needs transport participation. Because without transportation, production cannot be carried out. Accordingly, Duc Phat transport is involved in all stages of the production process, from transporting raw materials to transporting finished products to final consumption.

Duc Phat Transport connects all industries: Transportation – transportation is considered by many as the “lifeblood” of the economy. Because lift helps connect drives, production units, and production areas with consumers. At the same time, transportation also helps connect urban areas with rural areas and delta areas with mountainous regions. Transport even goes beyond a country to join these countries with other countries. This factor helps the economy form a unified block with many conditions for development.

Transportation is the most important factor and accounts for the most costs in the area of Logistics. Therefore, if you choose a suitable mode of transport, you can save on many business costs. Duc Phat transport, in particular, and the transport industry in general, plays an essential role in the Logistics industry: Logistics is a field consisting of 4 elements: transportation, marketing, distribution, and management.

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We have invested in the latest modern vehicle models in 2020, 2021 including FAW closed truck, load capacity 7T-9T – ISUZU truck with secure box, capacity 2.5T, 7T, 10T – Hino truck with closed box, load capacity 7T,9T – Chenglong tractor truck with a load capacity of 30T.

The total number of vehicles currently has more than 100, enough to meet the transportation needs of many customers and businesses.

THE Aspiration of Duc Phat

Duc Phat always wishes to develop, bring peace of mind and efficiency and contribute to developing the national and global economic channels.


The team of truck drivers is also invested by Duc Phat in terms of safety rules, management, and preservation processes, helping businesses feel secure in the process of working with Duc Phat.